This Girl's A Trip
Trichotillomania in the hands of a hair critic.

Is it so completely complicated to keep your hands out of your hair? Can you not understand the harsh outcome of the permanant damage caused by the ripping and pulling of the hair growing out of your very scalp? You would think that the wretching sound of the ahir breaking, like the snapping of a pencil, alone would be enough to break this horrifying “habbit”. Is it truely worth it to spend a few soothing moments to have a lifetime of problems, to know that you’re only hurting yourself? The mindless destruction of one’s physical appearance may seem as innocent as the “dumb blonde” stereotypical twirl of the hair, until you hear that screeching tear, and you watch as the hair falls to the floor. You’re left with dissapointment in yourself. You’re left with bald spots on your scalp. You’re left with emotional pain and stress. But all in all, you beleive you’re left with comfort. You are wrong.

In case I need to help anyone else understand: I have trich, I have for seventeen years, this was my english homework last night Im referring to my own self and my own problems Im not some bitch hating on a behavioral disorder. If that’s what you thought.. you should think again.